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Intuitive Design

Efficient controls, enabling seamless execution of complex business operations with minimal end-user effort, resulting in operational excellence.


Integrated Eco-System

Centralized "single-source-of-truth", securely accessible by disparate internal and external resources, resulting in timely and accurate decisions.


Architectural Flexibility

Modular components, enhancing stakeholder productivity through personalized tools, resulting in improved knowledge management and innovation.


While managing the total lifecycle of capital programs and projects, our CapEX® Manager software solution brings all pertinent information together

Over 100+ unique capabilities

CapEX® Manager, Software for Life!

Our CapEX® Manager software solution is configurable for a variety of users to maximize transparency of information, yet ensure impenetrable data-security where required. The software solution contains a structure that enables management at both the program and project level.

  • Planning & Project Setup
  • Contract Management (throughout life of project!)
  • Procurement
  • Construction Management
  • Professional Services Management
  • Field Management (throughout life of project)
  • Change Management / Cost Control
  • Earned Value Analysis
  • Pay Estimates Management (throughout life of project)
  • Reporting
  • Centralized Document Management
  • Scheduling
  • Delivery Management

Unparalleled Professional Services
Consider us a part of your team!

Strategic problem solvers, waiting for your call

The industry's most comprehensive Customer Care Center Program delivers systems support, technical expertise and innovative self-service tools 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Employing a systematically structured approach, we effectively and efficiently incorporate our CapEX® Manager software solution into the workflow of your organizational structure.


Utilizing a flexible, multi-tiered architecture, our CapEX® Manager software solution enables seamless interface development to your 3rd party and legacy software applications.


Offering a myraid of training formats with built-in redundancy, we are able to ensure that learning is ongoing and readily available for entire departments or particular subject-matter-experts.


Prioritizing the need to hire courteous, knowledgeable, well-trained and professional staff, we strive to help make our CapEX® Manager software solution reliable and easy-to-use.










Frequently Asked Questions

An insight into some of the frequent questions that we receive

How quickly can you transition us from our existing system to your CapEX® Manager software solution?

Our CapEX® Manager software solution can be implemented in as little as a month, with a significant portion of setup and configuration completed via web connectivity, while providing telephone and on-site subject-matter expertise to ensure for efficient implementation schedule.

Can we host your CapEX® Manager software solution in-house and access it via any of the latest web browsers?

Our CapEX® Manager software solution is 100% web-based, which enables control of capital expenditures by improving collaboration and visibility throughout the entire organizational process, by utilizing any of the latest web browsers, such as Microsoft IE or Google Chrome.

Does your CapEX® Manager software solution provide the ability to share documents with various stakeholders?

An Enterprise Document Management capability is an integral module of our CapEX® Manager software solution, and enables our end-users that may include contractors, architects, engineers, designers and developers to effortlessly check-in/check-out (version control), annotate/markup (collaborate) and transmit (electronic notifications) program and project documents from within a centralized database, the Single-Source-of-Truth.

Do you offer on-going customer training and enhancement development support for your CapEX® Manager software solution?

Our Customer Care Center Program enables your employees to focus on being productive at their jobs, instead of trying to figure out how to use our CapEX® Manager software solution. Our Customer Support Team is at your service when you need assistance, to ensure that your organization utilizes our CapEX® Manager software solution to its full potential with the latest releases. We can provide training in the comfort of your office, or via online meetings and webinars.

Can we schedule our programs and project via your CapEX® Manager software solution, or interface it with our other applications?

Our CapEX® Manager software solution has a built in Scheduling module that can be employed as a stand-alone option, or interfaced to Microsoft Project (Version 2010 or newer), as well as Oracle Primavera (Version P6 or newer). Additionally, our CapEX® Manager software solution can be interfaced to other 3rd Party applications, such as GIS and Asset Management.

How does your CapEX® Manager software solution ensure that our information is secured from intruders?

We recognize that information security is paramount to your business, which is why it's a fundemental part of our CapEX® Manager software solution. Our CapEX® Manager software solution offers some of the most extensive security measures in the industry, including a powerful password policy, 128-bit SSL encryption standards, and many other industry leading checks-and-balances.

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